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Flocked for Breast Cancer

As if we didn't get enough funny looks for wearing and selling our "got boobs?" t-shirts, we started doing this amazing fundraiser too!

Flocked for Breast Cancer

What can 25 pink lawn flamingos do to help fight breast cancer?  Tons, if you use them right!

For $25 you can have a friend “Flocked for Breast Cancer” ... which means for a $25 donation a member of our 3Day Team will place 25 pink lawn flamingos in a friend’s yard with a sign explaining that they have been “flocked” for breast cancer.  (Psst, if 25 pink flamingos isn’t enough lawn art for you, ask us about our flock of 50!)

The flock will be delivered as secretly as possible to the home of your flocking “victim” depending on the availability of the flock, and will remain in the yard for no more than 48 hours. A notice will be attached to the flock explaining the purpose of the flocking, removal policy, forward ordering and flocking insurance. Unfortunately, our flocks cannot migrate beyond certain zip codes or onto public property or apartment complexes. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the migratory pattern of the Betty’s Flock.

The flock will be removed by a team member within 48 hours of their placement or at the request of the person being flocked. Once a person has been flocked, he or she has the option of forwarding the flock to another location for a donation, or they may purchase flocking insurance to prevent further flocking.

If you would like to flock someone, please contact us using our 
Contact Us page with the word "flocked" in the subject line and answer questions 1 through 4 found below the pictures.  Remember, the fab flock is always on the move so the sooner you contact us the better your chances of securing their migration if you have a specific date in mind.   

Our flock is truly a generous flock, and so 100% of your donation will go directly toward the fight against breast cancer supporting Team Betty’s as they walk 60 miles in the Arizona 3 Day in November this year!

There are only a couple rules associated with out fabulous Flock:

ü  The Flock is not to be tampered with in any way; this includes the flamingos, their legs, the “fact tags” around some of the flamingo’s necks, our “Flocked for Breast Cancer” signs, or any other signs we leave in the yard (i.e. Happy Birthday).

ü  The Flock should not be moved by anyone other than a Betty Boobs team member.  If the flock needs to be moved quickly please contact us at so we can help you. 

ü  The Flock can only be on private property.  We cannot flock public places, apartment buildings, or private property with residents who do not wish to be flocked. 

ü  None of our flamingos are for sale. 

Check out what one flocking victim’s house looked like once we were done with it!

Have more questions?  No problemo, we have lots of answers, read on:

What do I have to do to Flock someone?

If you are interested in flocking someone you can contact us
using our Contact Us page with the word "flocked" in the subject line and
we will need to know the following:  

               1.   Who are we flocking?

What is their name and is this for a special occasion? (i.e. birthday, graduation, or N.E.D. Anniversary)

Where do they live?

What is their address and major crossroads?  Please note: we cannot flock apartment complexes or condominiums, or any other public property.

3.   When is there a good time of day for our flock to land?

We like to flock when we won’t get caught, that makes it so much more fun – and a bit safer for us!  When is your friend out of the house for a decent length of time, such as when they are at work, doctor’s appointments, their treatment schedule, or some other time of day where you know they will be gone for a bit.  Our flock only travels by daylight so it must be sunny outside when we flock.  We don’t want flock hunters mistaking the flock and their keepers for burglars!

4.   What size flock are you interested in?

Our smallest flock has 25 flamingos, our largest has 50.  If you have a special occasion (like a 40th birthday for example) and you want a specific number between 25 and 50 we may be able to do that for you, so please ask. 

We accept cash and checks only for flocking payment.  Checks must clear before the flocking occurs. 

How long is the Flock in someone's yard?

Our flock will be in your yard for 48 hours from the time they were placed there unless you request otherwise.  We will remove them after the 48 hours is up.  If you want the flock removed for any reason prior to 48 hours, please contact us immediately at our Contact Us page and state “flock removal request” in the subject line so we are sure to read it and remove the flock quickly.  Please do not move any of the flamingos without us present; they represent a substantial financial investment to us. 

How many flamingos are in the Flock?

Our smallest Flock is 25 flamingos (for $25) and our largest is 50 pink friends (for $50).  You may select any number between 25 to 50 if it holds special sgnificance for you, such as 40 flamingos (for $40) for a birthday celebration.

Will you Flock anyone?

Our Flock is only able to migrate within certain zip codes in Arizona.  Please contact us to find out if we are able to travel to your location!  We are also only able to flock on private property where the owner's condone our presence.  This means that we are not able to leave our Flock on store-fronts, in apartment complexes, or in public areas such as parks.  We will remove our Flock immediately if the owner of the property requests this of us, no questions asked. 

While this sounds very fun, what can I do to play along but not have 25 flamingos land in my yard?

You can purchase Flocking Insurance, but it is only good for one Flocking Season.  If you purchase a Flocking Insurance Certificate for the Season it will run you $30 and you cannot be Flocked as long as you maintain a valid Flocking Insurance Certificate.  There are two Flocking Seasons, Cool Season (October 1st through April 30th) and Hot Season (May 1st through September 30th).




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